Meet Rodolfo

The award-winning mastermind behind Goloso is a family man who centers fun at the core of everything our bakery does. His lively and enthusiastic spirit is reflected through every confection. Everyone who steps into Goloso World is a fast friend.

Born In Brazil and now claiming New York as home, Rodolfo is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. His imagination, bursting at the seams, transcends what we expect from dessert and flavor. No idea is too big for his bakery to deliver. In fact, challenges are welcome!

“ Challenge yourself, make your own LUCK and you’ll achieve your DREAMS. Never give up! BE GOLOSO! ”

American Flavors Meet French Techniques

France wrote the book on fine pastries, but Rodolfo is rewriting the rules and taking things to new heights!

French pastry masters only use the highest quality. Rodolfo adapts this method to American classics and infuses flavors and designs from his own globetrotting experiences. New York cheesecake is infused with tropical flavors. Red velvet cake deserves a red carpet. Goloso's daring spirit is found in the unexpected twists we bake into your favorite flavors.

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What Friends Have to Say

"Instagram is going nuts for him!"

"just try NOT to fall in love"

"I can't wait to see what Chef Rodolfo comes up with!"

Eat as Boldly as You Live

Goloso creates desserts for those who live life in an exclamation point. Each cake has spontaneity, excitement, and moxie baked into its mouth-watering layers. People are amazed that such eye-catching cakes can taste so good - but it's that element of surprise that Rodolfo loves most. Meticulously made and exquisitely sweet. This is the heart of Goloso's Spirit.

Our Passions

Creating delectable art by getting in touch with your inner child - Rodolfo's goal is to make the tastiest and most jaw-dropping cakes that have ever been done, all while keeping things playful! Your taste buds are Goloso's number one priority; that's why Rodolfo only works with products and flavors that he is proud to serve. He wants you to leave feeling delighted and proud to serve your easy to order Goloso cake!

Take a Bite Out of Life

How does someone working as a developer in Brazil find themselves an award winning pastry artist captivating the attention of the world? It doesn't happen every lifetime, unless you have the drive and relentless optimism of Rodolfo. With an inspired spirit like this, joy is just around every corner!

One Of A Kind, Bespoke Cakes

Produced by Rodolfo himself, our Bespoke Cakes are 100% custom from first sketch to final layer of icing!